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Introduction Familyname Berkman in South Holland The Netherlands
     Drawn up by: J. Berkman Hzn. (see Generation VII)
In connection with quarter-record research I collected data on a family group named Berkman, a branch of which lived in the Hoeksche Waard during the nineteenth century. The origins of this family remained shrouded in a cloud of mystery for a long time.
I succeeded in finding Balthazar Berkman as primogenitor, living at Schoonhoven in 1746, who -as widower of Anthonette van Bruggen- entered into matrimony with Catharina Barber Jansdr. Traver, young daughter of Gijbeland, at Brandwijk on 6 March of that year.
An initial research at Schoonhoven yielded the deed of the impost on the burial of Anthonetta (named Jannetje here) van Bruggen, dated 24 November 1745 (pro bono).
However, neither a certificate of marriage was found in the files of the National Archives at The Hague, nor any registration of certificates of baptism of any children from this first marriage of Balthasar Berkman.
I was inclined to suppose that Balthasar and his first wife had come to Schoonhoven from elsewhere. His slightly outlandish sounding Christian name made origin outside South Holland credible. Maybe he ended up in the garrison town of Schoonhoven as a soldier?
A time and a great deal of energy consuming research into the notarial and judicial archives of Schoonhoven (which have not been filed) led to extremely poor results. Only a custing letter was found, demonstrating that Balthasar bought a house on the Havestraat at Schoonhoven in 1745.
During a renewed attempt at finding more information regarding his origin, I happened to notice a mention of an eighteenth-century register of baptisms and deaths of the Old Catholic municipality of Schoonhoven.
Knowing that Berkman had probably been an adherent of the Reformed religion, I nevertheless tried my luck and took this register to hand. In the practice of genealogy the factors good luck and coincidence should never be underestimated. This was a clear case in point again: in 1742 and in 1744 Altaar and his first wife had two daughters baptised as Old Catholics! To my great surprise the place of birth of the father was mentioned with one of the baptismal entries: Aschaffenburg in Germany.
Eventually the date of death of the mother was found as well: 20 November 1745. So as it turned out, this register had not been processed into the files of 1695-1811. The certificate of Berkman's first marriage was not found, however. This marriage was probably concluded elsewhere.
In the files of the burghers' books of Schoonhoven at the Central Bureau for Genealogy at The Hague a second confirmation of Balthasar Berkman's origin was found.
Up to now it has proved impossible to establish Anthonetta's origin. It is not clear whether she was related to namesakes mentioned at Schoonhoven around 1700.
Catharina Barber Traver (Traber,Thaber) -his second wife- originated from Gijbeland and was presented for baptism at Papendrecht. Her family was probably of German origin as well.
All in all the origins of this Berkman family of South Holland were finally established. In Aschaffenburg (Germany) a large amount of archive material has still been preserved. However, research over there has not come about yet.
Balthasar (Balthazar, Baltbas) BERKMAN (Barckman, Barkman), born at Aschaffenburg in Germany around 1715/1720, burgher of Schoonhoven 4 Dec.1741, living at Schoonhoven into 1746, at Brandwijk up to approximately 1754 and at Bleskensgraaf up to approximately 1768, at Alblasserdam since approximately 1769, died before 4 July 1784, concluded his 1st marriage approximately 1741(?)
b>Ant(h)onetta (Jannette, Jannetje) VAN BRUGGEN of Schoonboven. Died at Schoonhoven on 20 November 1745, impost burial paid there (pro bono) 24 Nov.1745. They were members of the Old Catholic community at Schoonhoven. Concluded 2nd marriage (Reformed) at Brandwijk (after notice of intended marriage there as well as at Schoonhoven, impost paid pro bono on 11 Febr.) on 6 March 1746
Catharina BARBER (Barbara, Barbera, Berber) Jansdr TRAVER (Thaber, Traber, Draber), Young daughter of Gijbeland, baptised (Reformed) at Papendrecht 28 December 1728 (godparent Judik Janse van Pelt). Died at Alblasserdam (impost burial paid pro bono, 7 August 1794, daughter of Johannes Traber and Maria Jongmans.
-File on the burghers' books of Schoonboven, Central Bureau for Genealogy, The Hague: on 4 Dec. 1741 Balthasar Berkman, born at Aschaffenburg in Germany, took the burgher's oath.
-A.R.A The Hague-Schoonhoven ORA inv. no. 2378, deed dated 23 April 1745: Balthasar Berkman owes Mayor
J.Groenevelt Dfl. 150.- on account of his house and land on the Havestraat at Schoonhoven.
-A.R.A The Hague-Schoonhoven 10; baptismal entry on 3 June 1742: Balthasar Barckman of Aschaffenburg and Jannette van Bruggen of Schoonhoven.
-A.R.A The Hague-Alblasserdam register of baptisms, baptismal entry on 4 July 1784: godparent -Barber Traber, wid(ow) Berkman. -A.R.A The Hague-Alblasserdam excise collector, dated 7 August 1794; payment of impost on the burial of Berber Berkman is very probably Catharina Barber Traver.

Known from the first marriage:
1. Maria Johanna BARCKMAN baptised (Old Cath.) at Schoonhoven on 3 June 1742 (godparent Apollonia van Bruggen, J.D. living at Rotterdam), nothing else is known about her, probably died before 9 November 1755.
2. Apollonia BERKMAN (Barckman), baptised (Old Cath.) at Schoonhoven on 29 September 1744 (godparent Merrigje Verroen instead of Apollonia van Bruggen, J.D. at Rotterdam) registered as godparent at Alblasserdam on 6 December 1767 and 5 November 1769.
Known from second marriage:
3. Johannes BERKMAN, baptised (Reformed) at Brandwijk on 27 February 1752 (godparent Judith Janse van Pelt), nothing else is known about him, probably died after 1769. -Apparently Judith Janse van Pelt was a relative of the baptised child's mother. She was also the godparent at the baptism of the mother in 1728. Before October 1724 Judith married Hendrick Hendrikse de Heer and lived in or near Papendrecht (had children baptised there, had a granddaughter named Barber de Heer). The exact construction of the family relations has not become clear.
4. Jacobus BERKMAN, baptised (Reformed) at Brandwijk on 9 December 1753 (godparent the mother was godparent herself in the absence of the father), living at Alblasserdam in 1782, tr. (impost paid at Alblasserdam, both pro bono, 4 October) 1782 Jannetje ROOS, J.D. living at Alblasserdam.
-They had three children baptised Reformed at Alblasserdam, with Catharina Barber Traver as godparent, A. Maria, 4 July 1784,
5. Maria BERKMAN, baptised (Reformed) at Bleskensgraaf on 9 November 1755 (godparent Teuntje Hendriks de Heer). Teuntje de Heer, baptised at Papendrecht on 6 October 1726 as the daughter of Hendrick de Heer and Judith van Pelt.
6.  BALTUS BERKMAN, baptised (Reformed) at Bleskensgraaf on 9 May 1762 (godparent Barber Silver) very probably died at Bleskensgraaf (imp. on burial paid pro bono, 17 March 1765)
-A.R.A The Hague-Bleskensgraaf excise collector, dated 17 March 1765: payment of impost on the burial of a child of Barkman's.
7. Hendricus BERKMAN baptised (Reformed) at Bleskensgraaf on 2 Oct. 1763 (godparent Senna van Papendregt, nothing else is known about him, probably died after 1769.
8. Balthasar BERKMAN, baptised (Reformed) at Bleskensgraaf on 6 Oct. 1765 (godparent Lijsebet Baart), nothing else is known about him, probably died after 1769 as well.
9. Marines BERGMAN (Berkman), baptised (Reformed) at Alblasserdam on 6 Dec. 1767 (godparent Apolonia Bergmans), probably died at Alblasserdam in 1767. With this registration of baptism the father is named -Bergman-.
10. Marijnus (Marinus) BERKMAN, born at Alblasserdam on 6 Oct. 1768 (probably 1769 in view of the date of baptism), baptised (Reformed) at Alblasserdam on 5 November 1769 (godparent Apolonia Berkman), living at Alblasserdam in 1793, at Mijnsheerenland since approximately 1797, occupied as a thatcher there, died at Mijnsheerenland. On 17 May 1863, he is married. (Reformed) at Lekkerkerk on 20 October 1793 to Klaartje (Klara) de Jong at Lekkerkerk, baptised (Reformed) at Lekkerkerk on 15 March 1769 (godparent Maria Jansze de Jong(h)). Died at Mijnsheerenland on 26 September 1847 Daughter of Goris Leendertsz de Jong(h) and Maijke Jacobs den Herder.
Regional museum Hoeksche Waard at Heinenoord, collection of filing cards (from the archives of Mijnsheerenland). Letter to the inspector there, dated 25 August 1812 Marinus Berkman, a poor thatcher at Mijnsheerenland. He was brought into the cell of the patents as working with servants and his colleague Arij Koning without servants, but exactly the opposite is true.
K.J.Slijkerman, "Den Herder" ("The Shepherd") in the questions column of Ons Voorgeslacht (Our Ancestry), year of publication 1978, pages 234-235.
K.J. Slijkerman. The Quarter-Record of Kees Jan Stijkerman (Rotterdam 3), page 8. The couple had children baptised at Mijnsheerenland, from them the family name in the Hoeksche Waard.
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